Monday, July 19, 2010

The Hype Machine

While I certainly cannot take credit for finding this site, I really use it a lot now. Ever since Kevin left for the other side of the world, I've been left to fend for myself musically, so I have decided to steal one of his secrets. The Hype Machine is a site that tracks a bunch of hipster music blogs, and synthesizes them on to one site. I always go to the most popular tag because I am a poser, and need to seem "up on it" or whatever the kids are saying these days. However, I am mostly positive there is great stuff added constantly that never makes the top fifty. I also love that you can search for songs, such as the She & Him rendition of M. Ward's "Magic Trick" that has not been officially recorded. Thanks Kev. I have been using it today to save myself from my collection of irritatingly overplayed songs on my ipod.

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