Thursday, July 8, 2010

She & Him

On the fourth of July, Kevin brought me to Governors Island for a She & Him concert, it was a part of a series of free concerts sponsored by Converse this summer. We started the day with the best bagel I have ever had in my life, and then we took the ferry early so we could spend the whole day walking around the newly renovated Governors Island. We weren't sure what to expect because neither of us had ever been there, but we were very pleasantly surprised. It was beautiful. And She & Him was life altering. Zooey Deschannel is the most beautiful human ever, and I want to steal M. Ward so I can keep him in my pocket to cheer me up. My She & Him appetite was completely satisfied. And, besides some favorites, they also played a bunch of great covers. My only wish is that Zooey and M. Ward would record their cover of Joni Mitchell's You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio, so I could overplay it on my flight to Zurich.
I love her forehead headband.

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